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Quarterly Billing:  

The first day of June, September, December, March.  Net amount is payable by the 20th of each billing month.

Late Payment Penalty: A 10% fee is charged after the 20th of the billing month.

Water/Sewer Clerk: (315) 923-3971 X 204

Breaks/Leaks: Please call (315) 923-3971 X204

Meter Damage: It is important to remember to close basement windows and eliminate drafts that would cause your meter (frost plate) to freeze. If it does freeze, the frost plate will be replaced at a cost to the home owner of $50.00.  

A total meter replacement costs $100


Information & Forms Homeowner / Property

Zoning:  Applications and information are available at the Village Office during Code Enforcement Officer’s hours: Mon. 8 am -12 noon; Wed. 8 am -1 pm; Friday 8 am -5 pm.  Contact Tom Sawtelle, CEO: (315) 923-3971, ext 218.

Property Maintenance:  Maintenance is enforced for both snow removal and lot or lawn maintenance. If not repaid to the Village, the cost to have the work done is added to the owner’s property taxes.

Recycling: Residents are responsible for recyclables.

Sidewalk Replacement: Info is available at the Village Office. Current reimbursement is $5 per square foot.

Digging: Always call DigNY 1-800-962-7962, before digging on your property.

Animal Control: Contact the Town of Galen’s Dog Warden, Brian Williams, at the Town Offices, (315) 923-7259, or at (315) 946-9585.

Assessments: Assessment information is provided by the Town of Galen, including Senior Citizen exemption and the Star program. Call (315) 923-9176 or 923-7259 ext.207

Taxes: The Village’sTax year runs from June 1st through May 31st. Tax Bills are sent on June 1st. On Oct. 31st, all unpaid taxes are referred to Wayne County for relevy on the Town and County taxes.

Building Permit Application

OTC Building Permit Application

Building Permit Application - Code Enforcement Form

Amendment or Renewal Application

Demolition Permit Application

Driveway/Sidewalk Permit Application

Fire Protection Systems Permit Application

Fireworks Permit Application

Flood Plan Development Permit Application

Foundation Permit Application

Hazardous Material Notification Form

Pond Permit Application

Sewer Permit Application

Solid Fuel Appliance Permit Application

Swimming Pool Permit Application

Tent Permit Application

Zoning Map

Freedom of Information Request

Justice / Court


Second floor of the Municipal Building


Judge Carol M. Heald

Judge Lester Carr

Court Clerk: Helen Weimer (315) 923– 9375

Office Hours: Mon-Tues, Thurs-Fri 8 -12.

Court Hours:  Every Wednesday at 8 am.

Winter Parking:  

No on-street parking is allowed between 2 am and 6 am from November 15th to April 1st (winter months), for snow plowing.

Handicap Parking Permits: Handicapped Parking Permits are issued at the Village office for Village residents with an application from your doctor, along with your driver’s license.


Special Permits

Garage Sales:  

A permit is needed for all garage sales. A Village

wide sale is usually held the week before the Community Festival.

No permit is needed during this time.

Park Use / Lauraville Landing: Permits for overnight camping are available at the Village Office or Police Dept. during regular office hours.

Vendor Sales: Vendor licenses are required to sell door to door to residents.

Birth & Death Records:  Birth/Death records are maintained by the Town of Galen. Contact the Town of Galen at (315) 923-7259 ext. 203.

Community Bulletin Board: A public bulletin board is located at the front of the Village Office. It is available for residents to post flyers for community events, for everyone to see.

Keeping Informed: The Village utilizes the school’s Blackboard notification system to provide alerts to residents.  In order to participate, residents must register and provide current contact information. Use this link to request to be added to the Blackboard System.

A NIGHT DROP BOX is available when the Village office is closed, located on the front of the office building.

Please use this to drop off water/sewer bill payments.